Colors connive as spirits revive

We are shackled by trauma locked deep inside

We heal from our pasts and rebuild our lives

The rhythms of recovery dance and collide


This magical orange suggests hope and liberation

Love and trust reopen gates of imagination

We find joy in eye contact: intimacy’s foundation

This vanguard graffiti is an iconic creation


Emotional carnage is vicious and pervasive

Me must resist this damaging demon invasive

Toxic relations are merciless and corrosive

Webs of manipulation are monoliths explosive


Vivid hues are markers of sacred intuition

The chaotic zen of graffiti is this system’s demolition

Splattered paint flows like fractals of a master tactician

This canvas is emotional landscape and prophetic vision


Street art revolution emerges from below

Colors converge crafting shame’s deathblow

You writhe with desire when your lover is close

Vanguard graffiti makes the soul and psyche whole

These two paintings are by Christopher G. Kempton >> @christophergkemptonart on IG >> his work is at >> Christopher grew up within the DC street art community >> it has been a blessing to make this connection.



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