We summon from the earth the power of the stars

We summon with our minds fire burning in our hearts


We are practitioners of the sacred art of erotic orogeny

We are healers conjuring the wordless language of empathy


In spiked heels and straps of leather lovers and dancers come together

Imagining the impossible—dreaming liberation—we orchestrate an explosion of tantric pleasure


We find the seismic deposits of energy lodged between tectonic plates

Awakening our people to the possibility of freedom we summon divine power to craft our fate


Obelisks of illuminated crystal arise from all directions to coat the sky

The puissance of our orogeny allows these crystals to metamorph transforming our lives


With energy—with power—our sex presence envelops the collective

The zeitgeist of this moment is the joy of infinite orgasm rediscovered


Our world is mortally imperiled by ecological catastrophe and fascist resurgence

We must build a deeply rooted capacity to evolve a future of liberation and neurodivergence


The erotic is a primal component of our collective power to grow and transform

Our sacred orogeny will bring forth pleasure like viscous magma rising to mark the coming of freedom’s dawn


Visuals via @MiamiLux_ on IG >> photo by @amberedphotopdx >> Models: @MiamiLux_ & @nothankyou_.xo

The concept of orogeny comes from the Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin >> the series is utterly brilliant




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