Transgressing the binary is your daily occupation

You occupy a space between desire and elation

Transforming hearts and minds with cosmic incantations

We create a sacred ark of justice and liberation


Your touch is potent and luscious so deeply attractive

Our energies converge forming a quasar luminous and reactive

Your lover caresses epicenters of this evolving tantric practice

Our eyes show vulnerability and the presence of cosmic factors


Your body is so epic: so raw, vibrant, and bold

I long to interpret your signals and craft an erotic manifesto

We draw energy from the changing seasons as heat gives way to cold

We seduce lovers in the dead of night imagining stories yearning to be told


Palpable kinetic energy flows when you emerge from sexual fire

The pulse of ferocious lust beats inside the womb of sacred desire

We build sex positive community where we sculpt the pleasure we require

The roadmap of radical astrology takes this synergy higher and higher


Sex is part of your essence: at the core of your karmic zen

I imagine festivals of sensual pleasure transmuting shame into a pride without end

Your powerful erotic alliance rewinds the hands of time yet again

With the erotic as part of our arsenal karmic insurrection may yet have the power to win

Visuals are by Zachary Zane >> @zacharyzane_ on IG >> and @jonzu >> @Jordanisundead on twitter



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