You were a sacrifice

An offering from the sacred

A voice for a generation

Prophet of liberation

Prophet of yearning


I ride by this river

Feeling subterranean vibrations

This water helps my spirit cry

River tears of absolution and restitution


Black shadow resonates

On the surface of sacred water

Glistening like onyx

A dark mirror for your story

Reflecting the toxicity of your father


Your craft was magic

Your immolation tragic

Verses of searing pain

Manifesting the tantric dialectic


You were in the world but not of it

A voice of the divine

Reverberating with insistent honesty

Summoning rivers of prophecy

Simplicity and complexity

Riptides of emotional chemistry


You bared your soul

You inspired and conspired

Dreaming of transformation

Dreaming of liberation

Yearning for a world of actualized desire


Your awareness assassinated by fentanyl

The scourge of our generation

You were eaten alive by addiction

Claimed by cannibals of desecration


Selfless generosity

To your own detriment

Manifesting tantric prophecy

Like a guardian angel omnipresent


Like you I am an addict

Like you a valkyrie of love and rage

Your destiny so senseless and tragic

Your work a beautiful dystopia of visceral pain


I feel your genius in the present tense

Charismatic fire permeates inside me

I wish I could hold you close

I aspire to resurrect your prophecy


I believe in your power

I believe your spirit still breathes

Emotional chords still pulsate

Your ugly beautiful chronicle does not cease


Your life of glory and tragedy

Your spirit of vulnerability and honesty

Giving voice to collective pain

Shining light on collective shame


While the entourage did lines of coke

You hid in the closet and you cried

Tortured and painfully high

Prophetic genius in your mind


Rivers of shame were roots of addiction

Oceans of pain shaped your convictions

Prophet of yearning: we will manifest your vision

Toxic trauma created your psychic prison


Your legacy lives

Its beauty persistent

Your grandfather’s legacy

Emerging as our revolutionary mission


I see your mother’s fierce love

Yearning to protect you

Your innocence as a child

Rising to resurrect you


In a better world you could have been a survivor

This world didn’t deserve you

But we needed you

You conjure an aquatic inferno

Writhing magma of transcendent desire


In grief I feel anger

I wonder who could have held you closer

You played Russian roulette with your life

Crafting anthems operatic

Truncated by the ferocity of fentanyl


You are a generation’s zeitgeist

Surviving awful things

Destroyed by harsh strobe lights

By corrosive pain deep within


We are left trapped in cycles of blame

Cycles of rage and caustic pain

You live on in this ocean of emotion

Rivers of resistance remember your name


Your name is Gustav

We called you Lil Peep

Your spirit rests in power

Your tortured mind rests in peace



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