We move with epic style

Versace shades beguile

We seek transcendent freedom

Freedom from shame and denial


I strive to light your way

A path from drugs we crave

We name the roots of pain

Nurturing a sacred flame


We strut and flaunt our fur

Rebranding this holy word

Recovery transforms our world

A flag of hope and pride unfurls


We are beasts of Cylon breed

A matrix of potential interweaves

Our monster bares her teeth

We brand a prophetic creed


I sublimate desire

Conjuring prophetic fire

Your energy I require

Helping my spirit rewire


We are valkyries of the oppressed

Sworn to this revolutionary quest

Prophetic tattoos will brand our chests

Seduction will permeate our breath


We are recovery pimps

We share a love transcendent

Pulsating and kinetic

Universal and electric


It is fierce and fly to live clean

No longer slaves to our disease

We fuck as we please

Bringing Babylon to its knees


We are sacred spirit brothers

Powered by love for one another

We reimagine the seven wonders

This is our prophetic album cover

–images feature @tyleryoung_8 on twitter & @bypo.phoenix on IG



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