Your muscular presence is hot and inspiring

Your energy is seismic—it is tantra arising

Revolutionary phalanxes are writhing and conspiring

Your sex positive chemistry is tantra reviving


We must become the power to which we aspire

We must live what we desire—rising ever higher

The liberation we require builds a sacred fire

Your eyes are divine portals—they are karmic amplifiers


Our leather conspiracy is an orgasmic dictate

We reimagine pleasure as a force that liberates

Sex is a seismic weapon—it is a power that animates

We dream of revolution and the world it creates


We find hope deep within—in tantric vibrations

Fusing virtue and sin we lay a deep-rooted foundation

Roots seeking juice for collective emancipation

Roots seeking strength to withstand conflagration


I resist my shame—I learn from my pain

Brutal marks of addiction have scarred my brain

I seek rising disciples and brand my blasphemous name

We craft a psychic cauldron of fierce force and epic fame


We inhabit a world infested by oceans of toxic greed

Profiteering rules the market and controls all we see

Global politics contaminated by virulent fascist seeds

Conspiring to thwart transformation we desperately need


I fuse queer liberation with a leather aesthetic

Tectonically powered harnesses conduct energy kinetic

Rhythms reverberate throbbing hard and copacetic

Lust and hope intertwine generating a potent dialectic


Our spiritual armada lacerates warships of steel

We know what we crave—we know what we feel

This is the erotic prophecy that my god has revealed

What we imagine is our future—what we imagine is real


Images are by @OmarAguilera on IG



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