AMMUNITION: a reflection on social carnage

rampant white rage claims casualties like a plague—school shootings display the worst of our sociocultural disarray…young miscreants armed to the teeth haunt their schools and haunt the streets—mothers and father are left in disbelief and are caught in toxic webs of grief…imagining comprehensive solutions requires vision and insight—we must transform our society to eradicate this rancid blight…the munition and ammunition arming the guardians of this oppressive system will resist ever being conquered by our nascent armies of liberation…we must build our battalions of resistance to break through this matrix of cognitive dissonance…the statistics surrounding our national obsession with the right to weaponry are damning of any positive social good for our nation’s  citizens…the most likely outcome of one’s possession of a firearm is that the owner takes his own life or that a child does the same…to break the cycles of senseless violence we need transformative karma—we need to transcend the endless cycles of blame, guilt, and shame…oppressed and exploited communities must have means of resisting their condition—police must be disarmed and must be thoroughly reconditioned…we need to end our cultural obsession with the right to ammunition—as if owning guns protects us from the brutality of this system…we must rise for liberation through a thoroughgoing revolution—building power to transcend capitalism’s ideological pollution…the omnipresent slaves to white supremacy are packing assault rifles to defend their place–drunk on tidal waves of privilege they insist that their caucasian tribe is the master race…little do they realize that they are mindless tools for those with real wealth–the oligarchs who rule our polity care for nothing but capital invested in enriching themselves…our ammunition is our social power: the fact that we produce what makes them rich…we must build an insurgency in this pivotal hour: transforming psychosocial angst into the ideological armor that will allow our tribe to resist