I sit by the water

I see you arise

Leather bound and ravishing

A sacred natural high

Carnal Hunting


Your body reverberates with power

Transforming sacred kinetic energy

Generating fractals of sex presence

I reach for your pulsating essence

I feel orgasmic synergy

Carnal Hunting


We recruit armies of liberation

Sex powered soldiers rising for emancipation

Uprooting exploitation, tyranny, and fascism

Rising for trans and queer power

Carnal Hunting


This is a fragmented poem

Seeking coherence and vitality

Craving a tase of erotic release

Serving as a vessel for tantric energy

Carnal Hunting


Leather unlocks your virility

Amplifying and elevating sensual electricity

This chemistry gestates like a chrysalis

Harboring the power of evolution

Emerging as a monster queer phoenix

Carnal Hunting


I imagine meeting you at last

Meeting a creative vesper and muse

I imagine feeling this visceral attraction

Inspiring verses, manifestos, and hyperpop ballet

An interstitial moment

Creating synergy and universality

Carnal Hunting


Your eyes are windows to your soul

Mirrors for cybernetic proteges

Conspiring to organize our battalions

Phalanxes of liberation and rebellion

An army of one

Or an army of millions

This is Carnal Hunting

This poem is inspired by the visuals of @loizdsantos >> leather by @armyofmenco >> photos by @rafandway



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