This poem is a collaboration between Emitt More and BYPO PHOENIX

The photos are by Emitt >> @emittmore on IG and twitter



A tryptic embodied

Writhing and throbbing

Limbs interlocking

Hands do the talking


Carnal fire liberates

Molding collective fate

Pleasure activism animates

Seeking paradox to integrate


Shadow magic arrives

It ensnares as it writhes

Our souls are hardwired

Feeling more than alive


Tattoos boldly visceral

Red and black scriptural

This moment is chemical

The tantric is optimal


In alleys we cruise

Like shadows we move

Our power renewed

By sensuous grooves


This is a taste of liberation

A taste of transmutation

An act of emancipation

Sacred orgasmic temptation


Epic tantric electricity

Writhing and eclipsing me

Pulsating orgasmic energy

Shadow magic synergy

–Emitt More and BYPO PHOENIX c)2022


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