Your body is synergy

Your mind is riveting

Tattoos conjure chemistry

Defining our destiny


A taste of liberation

The pulse of salvation

Erotic imagination

Activating temptation


This is sacred proximity

Proximity to ecstasy

Divine tantric imagery

Inspiring our ministries


Flowing like evolution

Seeking absolution

Dreaming of revolution

Craving restitution


Your body teems with energy

Branded with erotic electricity

Embodied kinetic artistry

Manifesting prophetic epiphany


This is a dance of elation

A dance of anticipation

Arising for emancipation

Craving psychic activation


Defying the force of entropy

Uprooting systemic toxicity

We define our authenticity

Manifesting karmic proximity


-Images via @Loizdsantos on IG >> photos by @angelramoos



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