Branded by the erotic

You morph and you dance


Reaching for the heavens

You are lush

Adorned like a revered queen


Your valence is crypto

Aligned with rebellion

Building insurgency


Stoking resistance to rigidity

Rising to uproot heterosexual dictatorship


This is gender fusion

Amplifying fluidity and transcendence


A process of social restructuring

Evolving new ways to thrive

Evolving new arteries for the tantric and orgasmic


You are crypto femme and you inspire

Manifesting new echelons of liberation

Manifesting the transformative power of erotic imagination


I feel the intricate synergy of this dialectic

I adore your strength and grace

Embodied in the musk of lingerie


I see your karmic essence

I feel your cosmic presence

And I believe

Visuals are by @JuanOyervides for @ProteoMX; second image features @moiloh on IG, @mopiloh_16 on twitter



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