Your eyes are angelic

Pulsating with vulnerability


Rewiring and enticing

You exude the erotic

Churning and burning

Licentious fire hypnotic


The torrential flow of evolution moves through you

Conjuring fractals of transformation


Turbulent waters fueling revelation

Imagining a new social architecture

A foundation to withstand apocalypse


Your body inspires this anthem of libido

A remastered manifesto of erotic insurrection

Suggesting tantric sexual fusion


Simultaneously imagining collective liberation

Emancipation emerging

Manifesting within a matrix of the erotic


I feel called to return to you

Your chemistry magnetic

Your energy kinetic and electric


I imagine you dancing the joy of creation

Deeply rooted veins of pleasure in percussive alignment


This is a vision of hope and aspiration

A vision of amplified supersonic libido

A vision seeking fortification

Convening the karmic power of our kindred minds

Visuals are of @josemoralesoff on IG



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