This piece is a collaboration between the photographer Emitt More and the poet BYPO PHOENIX



I see intimacy and vulnerability in this image

Two ravishing bodies intertwined

Intricate tattoos creating erotic tapestry

A kaleidoscope of resistance and resilience


These creations are a dialog

Between the photographer’s eye

And the poet’s voice


They are synergy and juxtaposition

Works of sensuous pleasure

Tracts of emotional exposition


Your eye imagined this tantric vista

Inspiring me to write with intensity and urgency

Inviting me to transcribe this moment

To capture the resonance of this sacred embrace


This touch transcends age

Envisioning a world that centers karmic balance

A world rooted in spiritual principles


The seismic sexual power of kundalini rises

Fueling a social organism of radical abundance

Uprooting exploitation and oppression

Leaving them to wither in the dustbin of history


This is an image of the emphatic erotic

An image of staccato electricity

Reverberating through our hearts and minds

Falling like rain—cleansing and empowering


This embrace pulsates in ecstasy

Celebrating tender affection and emotional honesty


Sinuous bodies emblazoned with sinuous ink

Conjuring this vision of transformation and liberation


Photo by @emittmore



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