Your presence is electric

Your fire is kinetic

The pulse of libido is seismic

It is transcendent and frenetic


You are adorned in black obsidian

Accentuating your power


Manifesting as a prophet erotic

Your eyes are hypnotic

They are psychotropic flowers


We summon sacred spiritual fortitude

Fueled by blood memories of the diaspora

Ancestors bless and inspire

We are cauldrons of pain and righteous fire


Our resilience is deep

Creativity and sensuality

Are antidotes to systemic toxicity


Your obsidian regalia channels tectonic synergy

You affirm the urgency of insurgency

Fusing this energy with the seduction of tantric pleasure


This is a celebration of queer black beauty

A hyperpop testament to erotic faith


This cosmic chemistry expands

Fortifying our ministries

Amplifying new prophecies of liberation

Visuals are by @jonzu on IG >> @Jordanisundead on twitter

Photos by Kevin D. Hoover >> kevindhoover.com



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