This poem is inspired by “This is the End” painted by Chistopher G. Kempton


Vivacious and vibrant

Paint remolds this canvas

Four panels tell a story

Conjuring an odyssey of color

Invoking your incisive eye


This color is luscious and erotic

Carnal and hypnotic

Capturing the dialectic of chaos


The churning of contradiction

The resolution of cognitive friction

Imagining theoretical conviction

Yearning to hasten this system’s demolition


These are masterpieces of abstraction

Evoking the torrid genius of Pollock

Melding with the strident rage of Basquiat

A homecoming of fervent emotion


This vision is elemental

It is a fulcrum of infinite possibility

The tantalizing aperture

Between things ended and things begun


I write by my rivers

Multiple hues of light strike the water

Creating currents of vivid color

Reverberating with the epic energy

Of your creation


Chaos and hope coexist

An ongoing process of evolution


Your vision has been realized

I am grateful to be a fellow traveller

Humbled by this process

Honored that you feel power and insight in my words


This fluorescent canvas is electric

On fire with the chemistry of alchemy and transformation


These are tantric

Exuding spiritual synergy

Evoking passion and vulnerability


These colors are fervent like flame

Amplifying collective imagination

Yearning for the ecstasy of liberation


This the culmination of a fertile process

An odyssey of introspection and creative expression


This is the end

A fulfillment of prophecy

But it is also a new beginning


Painting by @christophergkemptonfineart on IG



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