Your name is Jonah

You are biblical

Talmudic and apocryphal


Your energy mystical

Your power spiritual


Kinetic energy radiates from within

Chemical synergy rises like a phoenix


Your body is lithe and tantalizing

Eyes like sacred mirrors

Reflecting the fire of desire


Jonah reluctant prophet

I believe in you

I believe in your psychedelic mission

Your vision and intuition are incisive and persistent


I am entranced by the subtle vulnerability of your face

I am intoxicated by your carnal power—your erotic grace


We inspire social transformation

Amidst the dawn of apocalypse

We aspire to transcend the tragic

To survive, find joy, and evolve


Your sexual energy fortifies our spiritual arsenal

Maximizing tantric carnal attraction

Manifesting as a vesper and vagabond


Rising as fractals of liberation

Rising to amplify imagination

Dreaming of the co-creation of a sacred new world

–Visuals are by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin on IG or twitter >> the model is @jonahalmost



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