Your eyes are fire




Your leather bound torso

A cauldron




I see your energetic essence

I feel you pulsating


You are an angel of the night

An angel germinating


We rise amidst peril

In an age of social death


We resist this looming apocalypse

We resist with every breath


I imagine meeting your eyes

Feeling this inferno

Fierce and potent


Growing closer

Growing bolder


Building an army

Erotic and ferocious


Your psyche penetrates my mind

Your body captivates my eye


I imagine your karmic energy

I feel your power deep inside


Your eyes reverberate with color

Like the reflections from the river where I write


Crimson desire burns and inspires

Complementing the sapphire glow of cobalt light


This is the base hook of a leather anthem

A hard house track rallying our leather army


You exude visceral penetrating energy

Allowing dreams of revolution to become embodied

Visual Credits >> model: @Loizdsantos >> leather: @armyofmenco >> photos: @rafandway1 (all on IG)



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