Veiled in feminine artistry

You are carnal virility embodied

Channeling nonbinary energy

Unleashing chemistry fierce and tectonic


This river boils with turbulence

Reflecting your seductive fire

Your body inspires igniting desire

Elevating this synergy higher and higher


These erotic creations captivate my mind

They have become inspiration and obsession

They are vessels for connection and queer resurrection

Conduits for this potent animal aggression


We seek the healing power of sensuality

Drawing strength to survive systemic apocalypse

You come to my lips with destiny’s kiss

Summoning the erotic angels in our midst


This couture lingerie is a tantric vehicle

Lubricating your intense animal aggression

We summon subterranean forces

Rising for liberation and introspection

Coming to embody purpose and karmic redirection

Striving for a spiritual and prophetic erotic insurrection


Visuals are by @JuanOyervides for @ProteoMX on IG, model: @moiloh on IG, @moiloh_16 on twitter



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