I watch this raging fire

Pulsating with desire

Pulsating with the energy of this full moon

I dream of the joy of your company

I yearn for sacred epiphany


Mercury is in Gemini tonight

I am called to dream, scheme, and execute

Called to exude imagination

To reorganize, rebel, and reboot


The power of this water is visceral

Conducting intricate chemistry

This karmic electricity

Searching and burning

Craving carnal epiphany


You are an engine of creativity

You are symbiotic with the sea

An erotic angel of the deep

You project both confidence and emotional honesty

A dialectic of alluring vulnerability


A fire burns inside you

Manifested exponentially when you are intertwined

I feel your spirit calling

Reaching out with longing

Psychic walls are falling

You are epiphany embodied


You conjure a majestic symphony

An anthem for dragons writhing within

An anthem singing through tattoos marking your body

Tattoos sinuously branding the contours of your immaculate mind

Visuals are by @sateando on IG or twitter



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