A river of water

Churning and turbulent

We make our way

Finding a path

Navigating boulders

And dismembered trees


Colors intertwine in these currents

Slate grey, turquoise, and aquamarine

Brilliant cobalt reflecting this aquatic light

These supernatural fractals

Where sun strikes water


Water is life and this river is teeming

Algae and aquatic plants taking root

Mooring themselves with tendrils and flourishing


I wade in the water

Armed with a large mystical rod

Seeking purchase on the river floor

Discovering jiu-jitsu as I dance with the current


The water is populated

Children and families

Mostly immigrants

Exploring the rapids

Fishing near the shore

Or burning sweetly aromatic wood fires


We cross the river at last

Arriving at the raw and wild Isle of Vikram

Surging land brave and courageous

As the name tells us


The landscape is littered with desiccated trees

Piled as fortresses for hidden inhabitants

Amassing as if created by an arboreal avalanche


This cornucopia of land and water

Inspiring transformation

Reconnecting us with humility and wonder

Reconnecting with the supple spirituality of the elements


Image is by @bfieldsnc on twitter



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