You are visceral inspiration

You are succulent temptation

We unleash imagination

Conjuring the scaffolding of liberation


Your fire is potent and intensely catalytic

Generating fractals ecstatic and acidic

Our tantric underground is fierce and prolific

Intertwining the sacred and the sacrilegious


I feel so alive—back with these deep waters

I feel light reverberate taking me further

I see your image and its compelling power

I feel the ancient flow of time in these converging rivers


You come clad in leather ruling the dark

You fuel a revolution deep in my heart

This is beyond sex: it is prophetic metaphysical art

Absorbing earthly lessons tantric embodiment imparts


This catalytic power is virile and contagious

Disrupting toxic systems designed to enchain us

We pray for strength and insight to sustain us

We conjure sacred magic for all that pains us


These rivers reverberate with the flow of evolution

Your body inspires the synergy of epic solutions

Deeply rooted in purpose I feel a karmic transfusion

I transmute psychosis conquering the confusion of delusion


Your body is a cauldron of carnal electricity

Catalytic power breeds tectonic intensity

We resist apocalypse in its looming ferocity

Your pulsating erotic alchemy reimagines our destiny


Leather: @armyofmenco on IG  >> photo: @rafandway1 on IG >> @boundeagle1 on IG



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