House beats throb

You move with fervent fire

Your body armored in leather

Pulsating with my desire


Illuminated by strobe light

Your body glistens with synergy

You dance joyous vitality

Permeated by potent electricity


I write by my rivers

Light reverberating the water’s surface

Rippling with kinetic energy

Activating viscous psychic currents


We seek tantric bliss

Craving the unity of our sensations

Finding joy in painful emotions

Awakening our capacity for liberation


Sunlight pierces the horizon

This epic dance floor closes down

We awaken to karmic potential

Building a tantric underground


We arise seeking collective identity

Infused by energy from distant stars

We are angels, pimps, and vixens

We are so much more than what we are


My spirit flows in this sacred river

Your dance moves with me

Strobe lights fuel this tantric fire

Strobe lights brand our prophetic destiny

Leather: @armyofmenco; Photos; @rafandway1; Model: @_sadiqsadiq, all on IG



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