You engage all of my senses

Senses yet to be discovered

You elevate and animate

Transgressive beauty like no other


You are levitation

You are erotic detonation

You activate liberation

Cleansing this toxic nation


I believe in you

I believe in your spirit

Your body is enticing

Inviting tantric understanding


This is a profound faith

A conviction in your calling

Karmic friction

And science fiction

Bring this unholy Babylon falling


I feel a potent surge of neurodivergence

A powerful tectonic psychic current

Neurons realign at light speed

Awakening our revolutionary spirit


Your energy is pervasive

Your powers persuasive

You conjure sacred graces

Crafting transformational spaces


Your psyche resonates deeply

Permeating my heart and mind

Our erotic arsenal detonates

Reshaping the future of humankind

–Photos are of @sateando on IG >> apparel by @kavwearmen on IG



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