This poem is a collaboration between Emitt More and BYPO PHOENIX

The photos are by Emitt >> @emittmore on IG and twitter



Eyes intense and fierce

Commanding and alluring

Seductive and compelling

Pulsating with cosmic possibility


You move like a predator

Crouching and flexing

Caressing and transgressing

A juxtaposition of the feral and the erotic


Sacred power emanates

Conjuring ancient shamanic traditions

These prophecies—primal and pagan

Imbued with an epic magnitude of hope and rage


I see you

I welcome you

This divine alchemy is salvation

Imagining an alternative to apocalypse

Imagining liberation


I write with my left hand now

Seeking the emotional brain

Seeking insight and intimacy


I am intoxicated

Imagining your touch and embrace

Feeling your energy

Potent sublime and visceral


This is pagan prophecy

In search of destiny

In search of ecstasy


Cultivating tantric synergy

A taste of orgasmic power

A taste of the divine



Photograph by Emitt More @emittmore on IG and twitter

The model is @jonzu on IG or @JordanJamesonX on twitter



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