I am mesmerized by your intensity

Your energy is pulsating

Your mind captivating

Your spirit stimulating


You amplify the fire of evolution

Orgasmic solutions dispel confusion

You activate a love profusion

Your body fuels a sacred revolution


This is a sensuous resurrection

Crafting erotic insurrection

Our synergy is perfection

You are a demigod’s reflection


Vicious tattoos brand your body

Conjuring tantric resonance

Clad in epic lace you tantalize

Synthesizing gendered dissonance


Your presence is supernatural

You are fly and illustrious

Your magic illuminates my mind

Intoxicated by your potent angel dust

Visuals are of @fkfbrln on IG or @inkedbrln on twitter

Designs are by @JuanOyervides for @ProteoMX on IG



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