ANARCHIST REVELATION: the evolution of psychospiritual praxis

for millennia our species has lived on this earth—always molded by the conditions into which we were birthed…we have lived as hunter-gatherers, as serfs, and as slaves—we have paid homage to haughty kings burried in titanic holy graves…our system has been ripe for transformation for more than a century—but it has barreled along bringing calamitous climate change and resurgent white supremacy…we look to our secular prophets of revolutionary creeds—but still yearn for deeper forces to meet our psychospiritual needs…the ancient faiths were woven from parables giving guidance to our people—they imagined our place in the vast cosmos and built mosques, temples, and steeples…the global carnage on the horizon will require all our powers of resistance—we must uproot capitalism and replace this sick and toxic system…i take pride in solidarity and in relationships of trust and love—i take pride in our legacy of struggle and hold faith in the stars above…i see fractals in the heavens and a derivative burried just deep enough to see it—the double helix of our dna gives birth to a monster queer phoenix…we need revolutionary praxis for these cataclysmic times—we need to harness the synaptic brilliance embedded in our jedi minds…the vistas of science fiction are becoming reality—we are prisoners of the matrix—prisoners yearning to be free…unleash your inner god and imagine your divine spark—our red and black flags and branded A’s will arise to make their mark

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