The word hits me

Invoking your presence

Animating your essence

Exulting in revelry


The word is gauntlet

You redefine it

Daring me to dream

Daring me to transcribe it


I write by a tumultuous river

Pregnant with potency

Teeming with the power of oceans

Dancing with feral remnants of a hurricane


You are a storm in my imagination

Omnipresent tattoos euphoric temptation

Chemistry both carnal and sacred

Angelic karmic manifestation


This leather kilt crafted to tantalize

Chains of silver inspire and mesmerize

Radical tantric vision actualized

An army of liberation gestates in your eyes


I practice my creative rituals

I write by the river with my left hand

This process spiritual and visceral

Searing insights challenging to understand


Our roots probe with passion

Gripping deep within the earth

You hold me just like this

Our spirits aligned in rebirth


You throw down your gauntlet

Daring us to join you in celebration

Avatar for erotic insurrection

Subaltern prince of collective emancipation


We dance with ferocity

Reverberating with luminosity

Throbbing with energy and intensity

Reimagining prophecy and destiny



inspired by @fkfbrln on IG, @inkedbrln on twitter; photo: @georgekanis; styling: @leviathin_99; skirt:





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