You ripple with orogeny

Subterranean power flowing

Pulsating through your veins

Your presence is magnetic

Channelling collective hope and pain


This leather animates your sensuality

Projecting emancipated corporeality

Your cosmic chemistry transcends borders

Psychic electricity conjures prophecy


We build a defiant global rebellion

Polyvalent in its manifestations

This is an army in search of liberation

We transcend deeply rooted oppression

Armed with the power of imagination


You radiate karmic energy

You amplify tantric spirituality

I am a supplicant at this sacred altar

Feeling your emanations deep within my heart


I am a vessel for your cosmic radiation

I mirror your psychotropic energy

Crafting verses of joy and adulation

This spiritual synergy unleashes aspirations

Arm in arm we build a fulcrum of collective salvation


Leather: @armyofmenco, Model: @_sadiqsadiq, Photo: @rafandway1 (all on IG)



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