I channel this fire

I channel desire

Your radiant eyes

Make time rewire


You are a cypher of devotion

Your power is hypnotic

This is an explosion of imagination

A pantheon of the erotic


My pen interprets your energy

My mind deciphers psychic chemistry

This is destiny and alchemy

Spiritual integrity and sacred prophecy


We craft an antidote to rage

Seeking the anatomy of change

We shed bondage to shame

Healing scars of collective pain


Your beauty is absolution

Conjuring an inferno of revolution

We transcend static binaries

We discover creative transfusion


I sit to write by my rivers

Feeling your psyche through water

You flow in these depths

Finding strength to probe further


You are Pythia oracle of Delphi

You are Apollo penetrating Adonis

Conjuring prophetic mastery

Igniting an inferno of pleasure inside us


I see this circle of fire

I feel this explosion of emotion

Our tantric spirits conspire

I  become your cypher of devotion

Visuals are by @moiloh on IG, @moiloh_16 on twitter




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