As Black folk

We rise from oceans of trauma

Seas of historic pain


We recover like webs of oak trees

Deeply rooted in the earth

Roots interlocking and interwoven

Fortified against hurricane


Our journey begins again

This sacred pilgrimage

Converging to create anticapitalist community


Drawing strength from divergent traditions

Rivers of menstrual blood flowing subterranean

Blood pregnant with the lineage of ancestors

Mother’s milk nourishing the generations to come

We learn from our nascent godlings in infantile disguise


We are animated by celestial constellations

Many moons in Scorpio

Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn

Interweaving our blood memories

Manifesting the tantric


We tend to carnage

Physical and emotional

We heal carnage with tantric magic

Fusing sheep tallow with gasoline

Fueling creation and evolution


Embodying contradictory truths

Manifesting this sacred dialectic

Recognizing that our mother earth’s waters are sacred

They are a totality

And all the pieces matter


This is a fire of rage and transformation

A medicine quest

We find the healing power within

The sinuous water where nothing and everything transpire


This land is called emerald earth

We are both emerald and onyx

Glistening with filaments of magic

Crafting music by raging fire

Healing carnage through magic


The water of this land infused with witchcraft

Nurturing trees who remember chattel slavery

Trees who remember conquest

Trees who remember lynching

Trees who nonetheless nourish a conflagration of resistance


These waters find their level

Settling in unscheduled moments

Still on the surface

But tumultuous as they fuel our spirits


Here amidst roofs that grow

Another world is possible

Our magic is unstoppable

And it is happening now


This morning by the fire

Communing with sister Athena

Smoking with my Bantu brother

Fog crystallizing like snow

Embodying the reification of revolutionary ideation


Sacred trinities manifest

Our flag red, black, and green

Our minds synergizing opposites into higher truths

Hexagons of color vectors creating new hues

Feeling the power of earth, air, water, and fire


We confront looming apocalypse

We face crisis with joy

Healing the carnage that has bloodied our world

Conjuring the alchemy of sacred water

Letting a tsunami of magic unfurl



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