desecration and violation—toxic psychic devastation…caustic pain is in gestation—blocking love and trust and creation…so much to learn if i dig in deep—boundaries i have transgressed perpetrated on me…i swarm with feeling dirty and emotionally unclean—i pray for tears to flow and sanctify my scarred body…we need transformational solutions to sexual violence—the tendrils of our toxic system are rooted deep inside us…we need circles of community to ground and hold us—we can aspire to become fractals that move consensually at the speed of trust…i sit with the echoes of this forced penetration—i grieve and cry in the confines of my basement…freedom and love heal trauma with celebration—i pray that this cauldron of pain brings new revelations…as we stumble toward repair crafting our collective liberation

both photographs are by CONRADO MULUC >> @conradomuluc on IG



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