Your bodies erotic

Encircled by energy

Libido flowing torrential

Orgasmic alchemy elemental


You converge from many nations

Licentious chemistry burns electric

Your synergy is psychokinetic

This circle an erotic dialectic


Phallic fire reverberates

Your spirits rise and gestate

Fertile moments germinate

This erotic inferno liberates


This circle writhes with potential

Your eyes transcribe prophecy

Bodies reverberating in ecstasy

Reinventing sacred tantric ritual


Each of you a fulcrum of awareness

Each of you a portal to the divine

You transfuse dualities in my mind

Summoning arising joy and bliss inside


I imagine pulsating energy

Conjuring the potency of destiny

I imagine sacred inspiration

This volcano of tantric prophecy

Images are by @slavamogutin on IG or twitter




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