we resist in the shadow of a viciously kleptocratic and satanic cabal—a regime based on the most toxic ruling ideology holding so many white minds in thrall…we unleash our revolutionary prayers that this unholy babylon will fall—we build a revolutionary praxis that values transcendent relationships above all…tens of millions yearn for a blue wave in november of 2018—tens of millions crave a check on the power of this utterly voracious corporate greed…its time for insurrectionary potential to be unleashed and set free—our rulers tried to bury us but they forgot that we were seeds…

we need 2020 vision pairing clairvoyance with a grasp of our past—we need 2020 vision guiding our rebel armies on our sacred path…we can revive the potency of ancient prophecy and unleash holy karmic wrath—we can anchor ourselves to firm foundations forging a creative spiritual map…transformative praxis coheres lived experience with penetrating theoretical insight–our street art underground reclaims space in our cities bombing walls in the depths of the night…its time to right systemic wrongs and assert our universal human rights–its time for the fires that burn within to give forth their powerful divine rays of light…

we live on the brink of constitutional crisis while climatic fires burn and rage–but our resistance believes in mental magic and in sacred karmic ways…we give voice to the power of our ancestors who fuel our resistance to this social plague–we conjure the social power that can put this toxic system in its place…our people hope that 2020 will bring this regime of bigoted profiteers to an end—but what if we set our sights higher demanding that the clock of history be reset once again…we can bring to birth a new world self-organized by liberated children, women, and men—our 2020 revolution will open a vista of possibility that brings this era of perpetual warfare and persistent oppression to an end



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