TRANSCENDENTAL FIRE: conjuring a life cult

i inhale nicotine so fiercely for moments of peace—stimulants and stabilizers keep me sane and offer moments of release… we fear the looming fascist order—we fight for the right of migrants to transgress borders…in this moment of capitalist barbarism we must seek solutions from deep within…the regime in power is building a cult of death—one that will condemn much of our species to a last gasp of breath…climate catastrophe is upon us—emblematized by hurricanes’ paths of destruction…we must rise and resist—we must seek karmic resurrection…at the root of all our faiths lie axiomatic truths—parables and stories that our ancestors crafted for potent use…whatever your faith—whatever your nation…we must combine and realign all our traditions…i envision a future where sacred fires mark all paths—where meditation is second nature—and where oppression lies in the past…we must uproot this sick system and replace it with something new—we need our cyphers and our sages—our mathematicians and our hybrid cylon troops…in meditation i see windows of intersection with distant stars—we can find our cosmic kin—recruiting comrades from near and far…imagine manic genius unleashed upon our planet—bypo freaks wired cyberneticaly  to transcendental psychic portals…exploitation will be banished as workers power transforms our globe…in the struggle for system change we must take care of our emotional needs—we must provide support for the survivors of injustice, for the traumatized, and for those whose moods fly free…radical imagination rises high like a phoenix as our primal psychic calling…we must imagine a transformative future for the moment when babylon comes falling…we will build our life cult—rallying the spiritual powers of yore…we will build transcendent solidarity and we will bring our collaborative essence to the fore…the capitalist system has proven its bankruptcy and is now managed by a gang of thieves—but we must fight for so much more than the demand that this satanic cabal be forced to flee…let the anarchist imagination meld with the marxist matrix—let our carrier pigeons fly far and wide—warning of the rapidly approaching river styx…we will build the skeleton of a new world from within the ashes of the old—we will prove to cosmic powers that the future of our species remains untold


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