You are my protege

My sponsee and my friend

Absorbing your magnetic chemistry

I feel fierce pride


We are a zeitgeist

Evolving a lineage

Crafting sacred lore

Conspiring to amplify joy


We decolonize psychiatry

Fusing divergent traditions

Merging shamanic wisdom

With psychotropic precision


We balance one another

Stabilizing our ships through storm

Hitting the club floor

Our energy pulsating

Reverberating in this kaleidoscope of light


We share a diagnosis

We share the disease of addiction

But we teem with power and potential

Channeling manic energy

Crafting creative fusion


This lineage is precious

You teach me to refine what I know

To clarify the lessons

To share our tools

Transcribing a gospel for generations to come


You have awakened a love in me

A valence of love I hadn’t known

I offer my experience, strength, and hope

This aspiration towards manic zen


We attune to the intricacies of astrology

Listening to the wisdom of tarot

We write our own prophetic testament

Amplifying our collective psychic evolution

Molding a potent and sacred lineage

–BYPO PHOENIX inspired by GOTHIC ANGEL c)2024


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