I am a human being suffering from the human condition—I am psychosis and neurosis: I am mania and depression…I feel things to the bone and I seek the deepest truth—I imagine my tribe as a cyber-wired battalion of Jedi troops…I am not your poison—I am not psychically toxic…I register the pain of this system deep within, conjuring a zeitgeist so potent that your shock troops cannot stop us…We are addicts in recovery: we are zygotes in gestation–we are survivors of this system rising up for liberation…deep within the shrouds of mental illness lie profound visions and sacred insights—we transcend the terrestrial when we inspire our acolytes as they dance through the night……I am not your poison, I am a karmic revelation—I am not your poison, I am your motherfucking salvation…

this poem was inspired by @plasticxcandy on IG

visuals are by Slava Mogutin >> @slavamogutin on IG or twitter



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