born from rubble carved in steel
revolution is for real
ground to powder grown in dirt
copulation shouldn’t hurt

red mafia rising night and day
scoping out the cia
flying high and burning bright
BANKSYSTYLE we rule the night

socialist or anarchist
flip your wrist and raise your fist
black or white – red or brown
colors change when we get down

malcolm martin ella and nina
paved a path with blood and steel
lenin trotsky rosa and clara
built a bridge to arizona

revolutionaries rise
now’s the time to propogate
insurgents fly lets ride on high
make demands don’t negotiate

build it deep
rooted in the CYLON’s keep
flying high divinely powered
ipads linking by the hour

hit it up and take a peek
rock and dance but get some sleep
NUCOMINTERN going strong
pumping thumping all night long

RED MAFIA invasion time
insurgents rise to organize
taking out the LOST CORPORATION
building a global MONSTA nation

CAESAR BANKSY holds the throne
QUEEN GAGA’s egg is not entombed
disciples rise in revolution
the corner stone of evolution

or die trying
or live lying

from evolution
to revolution
a new solution



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