Fractals of energy surge through your armor

You are ninja erotic—you are agents of karma

From our diasporas we conjure an anti-colonial madonna

We emulate the buddha seeking sacred dharma


Your bodies are chiseled like samurai statues

Your sex presence sizzles as sin melds with virtue

We need communities of allies who we trust and can turn to

We imagine liberation: a spiritual reckoning come due


Nearly pornographic your image commands our attention

I fantasize poetically—I pray for sensuous resurrection

Ninja erotic—you ask the moment’s burning questions

The armies we recruit will rise up from all directions


You come from the east bearing sacred prophecy

The pulse of erotic power conjures cosmic karmic chemistry

We can build a new world that minimizes human misery

Puissant orbs and entrancing crystals amplify the power of our ministries


You are ninja erotic—your touch is tantric

You conjure karmic synergy fused with the sacred orgasmic

Kundalini power surges bold and tectonic

Your illicit sex presence is fierce and hypnotic

Visual credits for these images are unknown. If this is your work or the work of someone you know, please let me know so that I can pay the work the respect it deserves



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