QUEER IT UP: the prohomo manifesto

Stonewall baby
Homo riot
Right on time

Transgender warriors
Kicking it off
Battling cops
Holding down blocks

Out of the closets
Into the streets
Sex positive baby
Show me your teeth

Queer it up baby
Say my name
We fuck who we want
No guilt or shame

Not black or white
Not gay or straight
We’re cylon hybrids
We fornicate

the toxic lies
Find the truth
Buried deep inside

Queer it up
And hold it down
Prohomo ladies
Run this town

Transcendent love
Takes the stage
Queering power
Branding fame

Monsta army
In your ear
Monsta army
Proud and queer

Radical identity
Queer it up
But get some sleep

noble blood
Claim your throne
Give in to love

Fishnets under
Combat boots
Prohomo baby
We recruit

Pretty eyes
And witty smiles
Armed and wired
To organize

Agents of karma
Dirty little freaks
Fags dykes and queers
We rock while you sleep

Queer power
Prohomo baby
Its evolution

Fight with love
Armed with rage
Nothing to lose
But our chains




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