We are disciples of rebellion

Disciples of dissent

We seduce with psychic power

With orgasmic extravagance


Tattoos brand our bodies

Insurrection brands our minds

Color accentuates our power

Love and lust are intertwined


Waters of rebellion surge

Allowing a zeitgeist of insurrection

Tides of destiny converge

Liberating my erotic urge


This is punk rock anarchy

A sacred queer fantasy

We stimulate and copulate

Animating vicious artistry


We are monster queer vandals

Bombing walls with vibrant paint

Our graffiti is transgressive

Reclaiming streets with licentious names


We writhe in seas of psychic pain

We feel the pulse of torrential rain

Rivers of power mirror our brains

Rivers of dissent channel our rage


We build a street art underground

Organizing capacity to captivate

To liberate minds from systemic control

To propagate and orchestrate


The sparks of punk rock anarchy

Reverberate in the air we breathe

This is a queer punk insurgency

Fueling this fire with viscous sex appeal

Visuals by @fkfbrln on IG, @inkedbrln on twitter



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