we are vagrants and migrants

united by defiance

we swear by mutant creeds

evolving newborn science

la lutte ouvriere–class war in gallic style

flows through intersectional rivers

elevating the marginalized…

un ejercito grows transcendant

a global army rising proud

la justicia es nuestra alma

black power here and now

infidel or agnostic–atheist or devout

we reignite an intifada

shaking off deadly powers

we must uproot patriarchy

dismantle white supremacy

our people yearn to live

yearn to love-yearn to breathe

the rancid stench of criminality

grows more toxic by the day

we face a system out of control

a world in chronic pain

nuestro ejercito infiel

can stop this juggernaut in its tracks

inspired by a synergy of tactics

making workers’ power a nascient fact

arise ye prisoners of starvation

arise ye wretched of the earth

a titanic struggle is looming

si se puede–oui on peut

second image is by HOMO RIOT >> @thehomoriot



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