good and bad-right and wrong…ancient mores transcribed in songs…queer and straight–trans and cis…we can find common ground as we rise and resist…war and peace fused together with orwell’s flair–we are living through an age of existential mortal peril…with so much myth uproooted and so many lies exposed–the question is what we will build that can survive when nuclear hell comes close…black and white paint fuses into infinite shades of grey–we are forging a praxis that can empower and animate…contrasting colors give birth to infinite intermediary shades–we come strapped and styled fly like the pop stars we venerate…i dream of meditation on the blue ocean floor–i see angels in our stars and always yearn for more…our underground crypto-crime arms our geisha with ore–i am hestia, the bitch of the hearth, remembered in hellenic lore… its time for all our prophets to arise and be born again–its time to let creativity surge from untapped energy deep within…love and rage breed with virtue and sin–a phoenix phalanx seduces an army of radical femmes…class war rages on in obscene and shameless directions–we writhe when trapped in a world wide web of mass deception…through this carnage we sustain one another while seeking cylon powered weapons–we seek a retro-viral arsenal to bring death to bourgeois domination…any fragment transposed onto a fractal creates practically infinite new forms–when my mind plays with time i feel omnipotent and intensely reborn…Fusing dualities into a dialectic unleashes revolutionary storms–we must fight like hell for freedom while forging spaces to heal, create, and mourn…Moving from duality to dialectic requires reimaging our dominant paradigms–dominant morality serves the powers that be and sanctifies systemic crime…we transcribe our post-modern mythologies on live-streamed mixes of deep house grind–our hip hop godlings keep it crunk fusing melody with the ever-morphing rhyme…we must live and love amidst oceans of toxic pain–if we hone our skills of empathy we find oppressed brilliance trapped in the prison cage…our movements must be grounded in love fueled by keenly focused rage–If we deepen the analytical roots of this resistance we can write the obituary of this proto-fascist plague




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