ancient skills and modern minds—rise and thrive and intertwine…serpents power our army’s rise—ruling the day: reclaiming the night…throwing stars induce searing pain—scaling walls and branding names…building power and queering fame—unleashing exponential power in our brains…ninjas rise in red black and green—striving to set our people free…spinning and writhing cheek to cheek—jiu jitsu jedis hone their powers while mere mortals sleep…polyethnic rebels probe the secrets of our being—inventing new tongues and evolving new creeds…another world is possible if we learn new ways of seeing—seeking spiritual beauty and the sacred roots of sacrilegious meaning…we are agents of karma: we are anarchy’s gift—we fuck like vixens leaving erotic vibrations on one another’s lips…guillotining the bigots and expropriating the rich—we avenge the exploited: i am mary magdalen’s divine bitch…copulation and penetration fuel our warriors’ assassinations…live-streaming our revolution on cybernetic tv stations—unveiling existential prophecies and newborn karmic revelations…the cylons of our matrix mind meld with super computers—sparking urban rebellions and giving sanctuary to the looters…windows smashed with fury at this proto-fascist pollution weigh nothing relative to the damage the toxic regime is doing…occident and orient evolve and fuse taking out all the king’s men—remembering the profound meaning of the words mohammed said…building a caliphate of semites who give enticing head—we are super-villains on the streets and rockstars in our beds…anarchists clad in fur like bourgeois bastards—doing lines of purified blow and dropping transcendant acid…we learn to channel the power of the force so our orgasms become everlasting—jiu jitsu ninjas come strapped with atomically powered cyberblasters…armed with cans of paint graf-ninjas make our mark—we are building a postmodern version of noah’s ancient ark…we fight to abolish nuclear war before the carnage starts—we relearn the art of holy alchemy letting destiny play her part…tattooed with the phoenix of fire and animated by our collective unconscious…we imagine the impossible craving a world of peace and justice…we will organize our human family daring our rulers to try and stop us…the rites of spring are on the horizon and the bass hook will always rock us…rising up against this system confronting our last chance to avert apocalyptic disaster–we are agents of evolution forcing the clock of progress to move faster…the disintegration of bourgeois hegemony arms the enslaved to kill her master—nocturnal ninjas are a bolshevik underground built with chain mail and armor that is divinely crafted


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