in your eyes is placed a power greater than all of their hoarded gold–your eyes are wormholes to a future of humility and grace so deeply rooted that its seeds will grow…we build power and resilience to feed the richness of our souls–we have so many toxic patterns and toxic systems to overthrow…in our addictions we were trapped in the chains of pernicious narcissism–we sought substances from outside to fix emotions arising from deep within…we filled our bloodstream with denial as we submerged ourselves in toxins–as we arise from this abyss we feel a holistic peace settling in…i call on the awakening power of celestial angels manifesting through hypomanic minds–our futures have arisen from different places but are now deeply intertwined…we are sister soldiers in a cosmic war to save humanity from the hands of  systemic crime–we are dancers summoning the power to reconfigure the shape of time…recovery is a process that depends on community and connection–the opposite of this matrix of trust is the living hell we call addiction…we can evolve from the depths of insanity towards the miracle of earthly salvation–we are exploring the contours of our minds as we explore the boundaries of creation…of late, my visions of the sun usually project the image of a sacred eye–it is an eye that sees our ability to inspire, rise, and fly…the eye follows me everywhere injecting her power into my mind–i feel her energy suffusing my consciousness even when i forget to try…more will be revealed as i follow this path illuminated by my higher power–more will be revealed as healthy erotic practice takes my spirit higher and higher…i am approaching sacred truth and insight in the flames of my sacred fire–intricate structures of wax are coming into being just as i have desired…i have dug deep within to unearth the patterns of insanity that my mind has conceived–i have tried to take responsibility for harm i have caused by reshaping what i am to be…this phoenix has grown through much pain in navigating the road to internal transformation and community accountability–my fire grows into a karmic crescendo and i take flight to see what more will be revealed

the first image is a photo of an angel: Gabriel Dorta-LaFontaine >> on social media as @dooshfag >> the second image is of my friend King Stephon >> @kingstephon_


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