we are two but we are one–karmic angels worshipping the moon and sun…we are moses and abraham’s great grandsons–we imagine the nascent godlings we strive to become…destiny and fate drew our paths together–our lives will meet their end but our souls will live forever…craving a future changed decisively for the better–praying for the power to mind meld with one another…we are animated by spiritual, creative, and organizing prowess–we build on the energy that continually circulates between us…you can be my poseidon and i can be your venus–we will vanquish the kleptocratic class and lend our sacred breath to those who need us…visions of fractalized transformation came to me while manic–i couldn’t sleep at all so i immersed my mind and body in the tantric…we control our expanding powers and are never alarming or frantic–we get physical step by step building towards a crescendo of the orgasmic…its the year of the pixie and the age of the phoenix–we defy the gender binary cultivating transformative genius…we are pillars of a temple whose armies will never be defeated–i am your phoenix and you are my pixie: our magic sinks roots deeper and deeper



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