tonight i saw the light of three stars converge to form a celestial phoenix

my cortex felt a surge of energy fueled by dopamine connecting with heavenly angels

i watched the plants in my family’s garden move to the erratic rhythms channeled by pandora through my iPhone

i felt the pounding bass of vintage everything but the girl pulse through the concrete and soil

the cosmic power of the manic depressive temperament is profound–opening consciousness to visions from beyond

there is illness and there is pathology–but there is also psychospiritual insight intense creativity and the subtle hand of evolution

the holy trinity of the roman catholic pantheon has its lesser known rivals

blood sweat and tears try to conquer the age old strength of earth wind and fire

artists workers and thinkers unite to create resist and inspire

trinity was the partner of neo–the savior who brought down the matrix

i can only hope my profligate trinities have such illustrious futures

while navigating the frontier between madness and sanity–between delusion and inspiration

i cling to the wisdom of those i trust and keep close

euthymia and hypomania are seductive states-all too often blinding me to the pernicious dangers of incipient mania

for now i pray to my own trinities–sacred and prophane

the goddesses of love eros and amor

The princes of seduction creativity and episodic doses of debauchery

i pray for sanity

and i pray for sleep,…

y con todo mi corazon… i pray for peace love and revolution