Piercing eyes and obsidian skin

Inviting epic fantasy deep within

Erotic fractals magnetize your strength

You are an epic force—an iconic pimp


Electric charge manifests exhilaration

We rise and fly craving freedom and liberation

This is a tantric quest of exquisite imagination

A quest for spirituality—for collective emancipation


The flame in your mind is a flower of desire

You create a sacred inferno rising ever higher

This is subterranean magic—a subterranean fire

We must liberate our people from apocalyptic quagmire


You are my tantric pimp—my angel of revolution

We pierce the fog of mendacity and toxic confusion

Harbingers of hedonism give birth to spiritual solutions

Our sex crazed battalions are harbingers of evolution


Iconic pimp—you summon powers from the deep

Caverns of erotic power fuel your cosmic chemistry

While deep in sleep I Imagine your body’s energy

I imagine your iconic powers conjuring tantric synergy

Visuals by @jonzu on IG >> @Jordanisundead on twitter



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