so much ink has been spilled over the past week…about the abhorrent resurgence of overtly nazi agitation in charlottesville…the taking of a life far too soon–the loss of Heather Heyer still so visceral in our hearts…it has been a tumultuous week and I am grateful at least that a torrent of criticism of our current regime has emerged without reference to the meddling of foreign powers in our election…as much dirt and deception there is under the rocks of the white house and trump tower, the toxic ferocity of white supremacy is far more fundamental to understanding how a parasitical ruling class holds power and hegemony…armed bigots taking the streets have been emboldened and enabled by bigots in power…we stand at a crucial crossroads…now is the time to begin intentional conversations about the alliances we need to build to win a different world…in charlottesville the cops stood aside and allowed armed nazis to attack faith leaders, students, and unarmed black residents…as many a faith leader has reported, only the courage and vigilance of ANTIFA kept the antiracist death toll at only one…now is the time to talk about synergy of tactics–we need to create space for a range of levels of engagement in anti-fascist organizing…we need to bring new people into a culture that builds trust and solidarity while being highly aware of the likelihood of infiltration by the world’s most nefarious of states… its time for ANTIFA to be unleashed–its time for our nation to be reborn…black and latinx–indigenous and immigrant–we have a world to win and mountains of toxic historic debris to dismantle…philly rose in force–this saturday boston willl face a test–and the streets of dc will be paved by prison abolitionists…its time to rise and organize–time to rise and fly