platinum-clad ladies vogue at the discotheque–leaving all the boys pining–hard-wired horned and wet…femmed-out men in full length skirts–queering power branding fame and making it work…patriarchy commodifies female sexuality–debilitating independence and profiting from sensuality…its time for our human tribe to overcome false dualities–let our trans sisters and brothers shape a nascent reality…let the blast femme spirit inspire our resistance–let riot porn instincts disrupt the cogs of the system…its time for a new rebellion–time for the zeitgeist of praxis…its time to organize a subterranean army to demolish the proto-fascists…femininity is seductive, translucent, and raw–let inspired women lead us toward cosmic truth’s new dawn…give support to your mother-your partner-or your friend–only through solidarity will this neoliberal hell ever end…we build power in the present armed with a vision of our future–we seduce new lovers training disciples we will nurture…blast femme is the clarion call of an emergent feminist pride–trans and queer stand arm-in-arm fighting for an end to this toxic blight…inspiration is everywhere if you only open your third eye–pay attention to the stars and the moon late at night…karmic rebels come together armed with creative expression–we will fight to the death for the end of this system


First Image by Day Moor>> on instagram @blastfemme

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