This fire is erotic

These flames hypnotic

I am one with burning vapors

This inferno syntonic


I redefine sensuality

Discovering tantric truth

Aligning with the moon in Scorpio

Emotional prophecy renewed


I evolve imagination

Tasting liberation

Lurid images becoming artistry

Molding erotic salvation


This is my sacred cult

This synergy of viscous fuels

Kundalini moves my spine

Erotic power is alchemy of the mind


I am one with this fire

I seduce its flaming cock

Dancing with intensity

Allowing time to rewire


I read the tarot

Feeling shamanic wisdom

The fire of witchcraft

Flames of transformation


This cult evolves

Redefining stimulation

Reimagining erotic imagination

Naming the eros in conflagration


I constrain ejaculation

Cultivating the pulse of inner fire

My libido a chrysalis

Gestating tantric butterflies


This is pyrosexual prophecy

I seduce new disciples

We craft a new religion

Evolving seminal erotic rites



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